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These are 10 time-tested, battle-proof blogged traffic technologies


These are 10 time-tested, battle-proof blogged traffic technologies

These are 10 time-tested, battle-proof blogged traffic technologies

1. Blog Regularly - a large number of the top sites post 10-20 times each day. 

2. Make Authority Articles - rather than publishing content to a blog every now and again, post less regularly yet center around making Authority Posts - lengthier articles that are truly organized which will stand out from different bloggers and clients of social bookmarking locales like Digg, Reddit, and so on 

3. Remark on Other Blogs - don't watchword spam in these, but instead utilize your own name and increase the value of the discussion. 

4. Connection Out Frequently to Industry Leaders - show some connection love to different bloggers in your specialty. Thusly, they may in the end connect back in the event that you have a quality post on a point they have not covered at this point. 

5. Take an interest in Blog Carnivals - these are a route for bloggers inside a specialty to get together and intermittently feature posts from each other's sites. You can discover a list of these at 

6. Do Guest Posts - for A-List bloggers, yet B-List and past. Make certain to stir up some great material first, in order to establish a decent first connection. 

7. Article Marketing - odds are, you're perusing this by means of a site that partnered this article utilizing an article advertising content or the like. Join a site like and partner your articles to a great many taking interest locales. Whenever dispersed through the web, these destinations are needed to interface back to you by means of a byline (see beneath). 

8. Social Digging/Mixing - join destinations like Digg, Mixx, Bumpzee, and so on, and empower your clients or potentially companions to present your accounts. 

9. Social Bookmarking - join, Furl, Wink, Backflip, and so forth and present your mainstream articles to these locales to seed them into the local area. 

10. Utilize Great Headlines - all right, which sounds better "A few Ways to Get Readers", or "10 Time-tried, Battle-Hardened Blog Traffic Techniques". Numerous perusers are especially attached to "Top X" records, or "How To ..." posts.
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